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Hello I'm Toya Envy a 2nd Generation Cosmetologist turned Multi Salon Owner and Educator. It all started when I finished hair school at age 17 and finally started taking this industry serious at the age of 19. A child will do it to you, here I'm many years later and I have done and seen it all. I've worked and trained with some of the top stylist in the industry from celebrity hair stylist to the amazing local ones right here in the area. I have been a educator for multiple companies and take education very serious. This has been one of my greatest qualities that allows me to teach others in the industry as well as my clients. So many time I have had clients tell me wow I never knew that about my hair and thank you so much for not only making me look good but fully educating me on what to do to maintain healthy hair. I am not one of those stylist that will just preform a service on a client just for the money, I don't mind saying NO if your hair isn't healthy enough you wont get it in my chair. 

My Why?

I take pride in making others feel good about themselves. The pure confidence we all have when we know are looking good automatically brightens your day and lifts your spirts. Trust me when I say a hair do and a little self pampering can solve so many problems. LOL 

When you look Good you Feel Good! My Goal is to maintain Healthy Hair and offer services that will aid in achieving that.

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